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What happens when your article gets on second page of hackernews - 2024
·958 words·5 mins
hn analytics
TLDR; Details of traffic volume and other insights when page is featured on hackernews and authors lame attempt at humor
How ChatGPT is making me lazy
·1092 words·6 mins
ai chatgpt cloudflare
TLDR; Describes how author used chatgpt to create workaround for downloading data from cloudflare D1 beta that he would have long given up on if not for chatGPT
How to commit part of file in git
·881 words·5 mins
Emacs git magit
TLDR; How to commit parts of file or individual lines with Emacs, magit and git cli
How to use cache in cloudflare workers
·1297 words·7 mins
TLDR; Explains how to use web cache API in Cloudflare workers.
How to use org mode in Hugo
·967 words·5 mins
Did you know that Hugo supports formats other than markdown for content?
Code reviews should be converging
·369 words·2 mins
TLDR: tips for code reviewers to avoid constant feedback cycles
How to profile cloudflare workers
·748 words·4 mins
cloudflare profiling
TLDR: How to profile Cloudflare workers with wrangler
Use this Indiehacker template before you start your project
·847 words·4 mins
TLDR: project planning template for indiehackers


Migrating existing page to hugo static site generator
·1227 words·6 mins
TLDR: How to migrate existing site to Hugo
I don't know what i did last summer
·918 words·5 mins
easyanalytics indiehacking
TLDR: How author forgot his own code, ended up wasting time and learned importance of documenting the code.